[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 63

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 63

(Note: I missed both session 61 and 62.)

In the house of the “good necromancer” dwarf raised by elves. We had his blessing to destroy zombies. Luckily, his creatures were bodies animated by water elementals or reanimated by their own departed spirits. Definitely not zombie undead. Because he’s the good necromancer.

The evil necromancer was Sulring Durgul. He was in Bolgrasgrad, at the temple of Ancient Allies. We had the dwarf’s permission to take him out. 

Black and blue clouds formed over the island. It was bad weather keeping us in place. The storm only hit the island. It did not affect the hobgoblins surrounding the place. The dwarf knew he was controlling the weather so we couldn’t leave. And we knew he was controlling the weather so we couldn’t leave. And he probably knew we knew he was controlling the weather so we couldn’t leave. However, he didn’t mention it. Instead, he invited us to dinner.

At dinner we were able to meet his girlfriend, an  elf zombie. Nathander slowly questioned her to ger her to admit some kind of unwanted zombification. When he couldn’t get anything incriminating out of her, he offered to marry them. This we are sworn to absolute secrecy. (“I shall edit these heresies!”) With Nathander’s kind act, the dwarf figured out a way we could possibly get off the island to continue our quest. 

Some  of the party know how to ride. Those of us who don’t are held onto animated undead horses by human skeletons hugging us. The good necromancer gets us a route across the water, and we are off running for our lives from wolf-riding hobgoblins.

The hobgoblins were firing arrows at us. My undead horse eventually became unstable, and I fell off into some thick brush. (Minus 1 Fate Point!)

The party met up with Karl well outside of the chase zone. We rode bison back to Kislev.

The Czar was disappointed we didn’t bring the dwarf back to help in our quest. Luckily, the dwarf had taught us all we needed to know to kill the evil necromancer. We were off on our quest, after Larry was healed by the Czar’s surgeon. 

The quest is to find what happened to the Czar’s agent, Julius Michaelovich Uglaga. If he’s neutralized, replace him. We are to stop the necromancer Sulring. To do so, we must find his strengths and weaknesses.

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