[FF Star Wars] Edge of the Empire 1

[FF Star Wars] Edge of the Empire 1

Teemo’s guys were chasing us, so we ducked into a cantina on Mos Shuuta. There weren’t many places to hide: a closet or a dressing room. We tried the dressing room.  The gamorreans would have found us there eventually, so we took the fight to them in the cantina doorway. I was worried about damaging the joint, so of course I was the one to shoot an energy conduit. Also, our devoronean and our droid are pretty good fighters.

The barkeep gave us a heads-up that there was a spaceship that just docked that could take us all out of the system and away from Teemo. The ship just needed a part. We took off to the junkyard.

We couldn’t talk the junkyard owner into giving us the part, so we had to spend a lot of money to buy it from him. We decided to split the party. Someone had to release the docking clamps from the ship, and others had to replace the part.

My team snuck in the side door of the spaceport control center into an empty break room. We shot out of the video camera that caught us. In the main control room, we talked the boss lady into unclamping the ship. She also said she’d send some Stormtrooper to help with repairs. We booked it out the front door.

At the ship, our other team had to fight the owner and his goons. We arrived just as they were finishing up, Stormtroopers hot on our heels. We managed to get into the ship and close the bay door. Then we were burning atmo. Unfortunately, some tie fighters chased us into space.

We barely managed to hold the fighters off while the part was placed into the ship. Then we hit hyperspace and left Mos Shuuta behind.

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